Welcome back…

So about two years ago there was this little site called Pull-Worthy, but pretty much as soon as I had so solid content there I required (rather suddenly) spine surgery and had to put some things on hold, among them this site.

Since I’ve been away, my hosting got messed up, and all the previous posts seem to have vanished. As a result until I can recover the previous posts, if I can recover them, we’ll be starting fresh right here at the new, and hopefully more stable Pull-Worthy! 

I have a lot of books sitting on my table right now, so as I catch up on my reading be prepared for a lot of shorter reviews and some retroactive reviews as well. Just a few of the books sitting here waiting to be read are: Hellboy and the BPRD Black sun and The unreasoning beast, as well as Rise of the Black Flame and the new Witchfinder book, The black monday murders, Tokyo Ghost, Black Science 24-25, and Seven to eternity. All of these look interesting and got my eye on the shelf at Worlds Greatest Comics in Westerville, OH where I pick up my books. Without further delay, lets get to it! PW


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