Reviewed: James Bond 007: Felix Leiter #1

I should first disclose I’m a James Bond fanboy. I have been ever since I was a boy, for hours my best friend and I would talk about which were our favorite films and why, as grown men my two closest friends and I still do this. From Russia with love or Thunderball? Goldfinger or Dr No? Live and let die or For your eyes only? The arguments go on and on. James Bond games, books, films, I love it all. And I’ve always wished was that more was done with the American friend of Bond, Felix Leiter.

Now I’m late to the party, I’ve just started reading the Bond series and am left playing catch up. For example, I’ve clearly missed something since Felix is now a cyborg. Yeah you read that right, he has robot parts. An arm and a leg. This plays a part in the story and clearly a big part in who Felix is now at this point in his life. The story unfolds with Felix at a bar in Tokyo and the action heats up from there.

Robinson is clearly the writer for this job, it unfolds just as it should. Has a slick noir feel to it, polished but more raw than Bond. The Felix Robinson gives us is just as he should be and the issue ends with a zinger that doesn’t feel like it’s just there to be a cliffhanger. Art by Campbell on the other hand is mixed. Some panels look great and others not so much, it’s inconsistent at worst, unpolished at best. The first page (which I’ve included here for you) shows Felix walking through a crowd in Tokyo. The towering signs look great, Felix looks like a hobbit. Short and stout, I thought maybe this is just how he would be presented here, but it’s clear he’s taller in future panels. Some of the lines are blocky or thick, making it look like it was inked by a sharpie at times. Once you turn the page the lines clean up and the bottom left panel is fantastic. Things mostly look up as you get further into the book and some of the panels are down right amazing, but by the last page the sharpie lines are back.

The color work by Aiala are some of the best I’ve ever seen. The neon glow cast against the rain is nothing short of spectacular and cinematic. There’s at least two panels that I’d hang on my wall as art pieces just because of the color work. Luckily, when the colors are the best and when the art is best coincide with one another. The final moments of a fight in the rain are full of dynamic angles and colors that saturate the page.

All in all, this was everything I hoped it would be. I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to the rest of the series. PW

Issue #1, Dynamite, Teen+ : Robinson gives readers a chilling first issue and leaves them wanting more, action, romance, thrills. This feels like the best of Bond. Too bad some of the art isn’t consistent in quality. 9/10

From Dynamite: From superstar creative team James Robinson (Starman, Red Sonja) and Aaron Campbell (The Shadow, Uncanny) comes the Bond spin-off highlighting 007’s American counterpart!
Felix Leiter finds himself in Japan, tracking down a beautiful, Russian spy from his past. But when the mission takes a turn for the worse, he will discover that there are more deadly schemes afoot in Tokyo and beyond! LINK


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