Reviewed: Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta, Vol. 1 TPB

Back when this series first came out I picked up the first few issues and… Never read them. I got around to reading issue 1 a few months back and it was interesting enough to get me up to Worlds Greatest and pick up the first few trades. The first arc is perhaps one of the most captivating spiritual horror sagas I’ve ever read.  

Outcast is a story about a young man who has been encountering demons throughout his life. His mother was plagued by them, he himself has been and now it seems that demonic activity in his home town has renewed. There’s a conspiracy at play here that is far reaching, and quite involved. Kirkman plays his cards well, we never find out too much too soon and every time he lets us in on a secret, there’s more lingering around the corner.  As seems to be the new norm, there’s times when the cursing feels more Jr High than how adults really talk in day to day conversation. It’s a little out of touch with small town U.S.A. and it’s feels especially out of place when the pastor, who granted is having a spiritual mini breakdown, talks like a sailer. The language adds nothing to the story more often than not, and it’s so over done at times that when it is warranted, it has virtually no dramatic effect. This is the biggest fault in the first trades story arc, and it’s not something that many will care about since they probably talk like middle schoolers anyway.

As far as the art there’s times when it perfectly fits the mood set by Kirkman’s mostly dynamic writing (actually I think for the most part this is some of Kirkman’s best work), and there’s times where it doesn’t quite lighten to ease the tension. The art is moody, but that mood doesn’t always let up when it needs to do so.

Art, story, everything is compelling. the characters are mostly interesting, but not all memorable. But the unfolding plot, the sinister character (who just may very well be the devil) who’s keeps showing up, the twists and turns and the larger story hanging above the heroes heads… It’s all enough that I’ll be coming back for more. PW


TPB #1, Image, Mature: Outcast is scary, intriguing, and just about as dark as a story about a spiritual battle can get. But you never get any breathing room, it just builds, twisting around and slowly revealing little by little the larger picture. And I at time found it hard to root for the avenging demon fighting team of reverend and troubled soul. But at $9.99 for the first TPB, you can do a lot worse and I always found myself wanting more. 6.5/10

From Image: NEW HORROR SERIES FROM THE WALKING DEAD CREATOR ROBERT KIRKMAN! Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possession all his life and now he needs answers. Unfortunately, what he uncovers along the way could bring about the end of life on Earth as we know it. Collects OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA #1-6. Link

Digital : $7.99
Print: $9.99

Diamond ID: OCT140637



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