Reviewed: Reborn #1

Alright so I admit, when I first saw this issue, I was turned off by the cover and by the fact I haven’t found Miller’s last few outings all that compelling… ButI was wrong. Miller’s latest book is all about (as if the name didn’t give it away) a normal person, reborn into another worlds protector. 

When our heroine dies of old age in one seemingly normal world, she wakes up in a strange world filled with monsters, dragons, some wizard looking bloke and a large scale war that has apparently been awaiting her arrival. For the first half of the book, I wasn’t really sure what was happening, but in the last two pages Miller brings it all into focus, showing just how good he can be when it all comes together. Reborn is now had it’s fourth printing, and the buzz is well deserved. Although in some ways I felt like I’d seen elements of this before in the Birthright series, Reborn stands on it’s own.

The art strikes me as the perfect comic art, and what I mean by that is this: For a long time there was a certain look that artists tried to go for, that classic refined, crisp and clean comic book art look and it should come as no great surprise Capullo nails it. There’s great panel work, clean inks from Glapion and very nice pencils from Capullo. I haven’t read single individual issue from Miller this well put together for some time. It doesn’t bust at the seams with crassness and cursing either, which was a nice change from some of Miller’s past work. I’m in for the first trade, and honestly looking forward to it. PW

Issue #1, Image, Mature: Miller may very well have something fresh here and the art work had a very classic feel. It started out a little confusing, but by the end of the book I was left wanting more. It shows some serious promise, and whats more – it was good fun. 7/10

Diamond ID: AUG160565

MARK MILLAR & GREG CAPULLO join forces to create the smash hit sci-fi / fantasy story of the year: REBORN. Where do you go when you die? Not heaven or hell; somewhere else. Somewhere you have to fight to survive. Somewhere the people from the past are waiting for you—the good and the bad.

Digital : $1.99
Print: $3.99



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