Upcoming: Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea

Great news for us Hellboy fans, there’s a new Hellboy GN coming out this April! I’m still slightly depressed that Hellboy’s journey is “over” in Hellboy in hell, so I’m happy to be see new books coming out, even if they’re stories from before his death (or whatever that was).

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Reviewed: Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta, Vol. 1 TPB

Back when this series first came out I picked up the first few issues and… Never read them. I got around to reading issue 1 a few months back and it was interesting enough to get me up to Worlds Greatest and pick up the first few trades. The first arc is perhaps one of the most captivating spiritual horror sagas I’ve ever read.   Continue reading “Reviewed: Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta, Vol. 1 TPB”

Reviewed: Shipwreck #1

Some years ago, in a weekly comic, I’m sure he doesn’t remember, I was a guest artist in a comic called New Comic Day that was also featuring by Phil Hester. It was the first time I’d seen his work, since that time I think I’ve collected everything he’s done either in trade or issue form. He’s easily the most underrated artist and storyteller in comics today, and now he’s teamed up with Ellis for what’s turning out to be a really great mini series.

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Reviewed: The Mummy #1

So here’s one that very well may have slipped by you without notice, The Mummy from Titan Comics. Let me start by saying I love The Mummy film from the 90’s, when I was a boy I loved the originals. The Mummy has always to me been a franchise with endless opportunities for adventure. The Mummy returns may have failed to live up to it’s predecessor, but a large part of that was due to some very bad CGI and a few silly plot elements. The franchise sunk a bit after that, The Rock’s franchise went from a possibly promising idea to a pile of third rate B movies and the third entry in The Mummy series, although I had fun watching it and felt it was a bit better then Returns, it was a pretty poor attempt to save the franchise. But, there were yeti, which is always nice.

Now Tom Cruise will be taking over the franchise in a more serious reboot this summer, and Titan comics has rebooted their own version of the series in a limited run comic, which I’ve just finished reading. How was you ask? It was about as good as The Mummy Returns. In that it really isn’t much good at all.

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Reviewed: Lake of Fire #4

I was attracted to this title first by the cover, then by the title. Lake of fire is of course a classic reference to hell, the art shows a small armed group of knights heading towards a steaming chasms in a snowy mountain range, when I flipped through the nicely printed pages it was revealed this was a story featuring Templar knights. I assumed this would be as most stories featuring the Templar, a bashing of them as nothing more than blood thirsty animals such as shown in the Ridley Scott film Kingdom of Heaven, but… This wasn’t the case.


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First Impressions: The Black Monday Murders


I’ll have to begin with a disclaimer. I’m a bit of a fan of Hickman’s work. The last of the Marvel epics that captured my attention was his last work with Marvel, and I’m still eagerly waiting on the conclusion to his SHIELD title. But it’s his work away from the house of ideas that’s more recently made me a fan. East of west, a end of days tale in a strange techno apocalypse world and the rather disturbing but inventive alternate reality tale taking place in The Manhattan Projects, both were the first books of his outside of Marvel that I picked up, here years later, I’m still following them, when many other titles have been dropped from my list.

His stories have the ability that make your head spin, your mind boggle and at times, frustrate you as a reader to no end. There’s twists you’ll never see coming and characters that make you wonder who he wants you to root for, if anyone. One of his newest titles, Black Monday Murders seems to be continuing these trends. After only one issue (Note: there are now four issues out, I’m behind) the creep factor is high, the suspense real and the characters feel like they have a real depth to them.

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