Upcoming: The Greatest Adventure

I’m a big fan of the Edgar Rice Burrough works. From Carson to Carter and Tarzan, although they were are pretty much the same stories in various settings – I loved them all. And Dynamite isĀ gathering all the ERB heroes in one place for a limited run epic.

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Reviewed: James Bond 007: Felix Leiter #1

I should first disclose I’m a James Bond fanboy. I have been ever since I was a boy, for hours my best friend and I would talk about which were our favorite films and why, as grown men my two closest friends and I still do this. From Russia with love or Thunderball? Goldfinger or Dr No? Live and let die or For your eyes only? The arguments go on and on. James Bond games, books, films, I love it all. And I’ve always wished was that more was done with the American friend of Bond, Felix Leiter.

Now I’m late to the party, I’ve just started reading the Bond series and am left playing catch up. For example, I’ve clearly missed something since Felix is now a cyborg. Yeah you read that right, he has robot parts. An arm and a leg. This plays a part in the story and clearly a big part in who Felix is now at this point in his life. The story unfolds with Felix at a bar in Tokyo and the action heats up from there.

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Reviewed: Lone Ranger & Green Hornet #5

Now here’s something plausible but unexpected, a Lone Ranger/Green Hornet crossover. I say plausible because the time period in which these tales took place would allow for such a crossover to occur. The Ranger very well could have been riding alongside The Hornet, but as far as I’m aware this is the first attempt at such a crossover (and probably the last). I know it’s strange to only talk about issue 5, but I picked up this issue to see if it was worth picking up either the back issues or the TPB*.

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