Reviewed: The Mummy #1

So here’s one that very well may have slipped by you without notice, The Mummy from Titan Comics. Let me start by saying I love The Mummy film from the 90’s, when I was a boy I loved the originals. The Mummy has always to me been a franchise with endless opportunities for adventure. The Mummy returns may have failed to live up to it’s predecessor, but a large part of that was due to some very bad CGI and a few silly plot elements. The franchise sunk a bit after that, The Rock’s franchise went from a possibly promising idea to a pile of third rate B movies and the third entry in The Mummy series, although I had fun watching it and felt it was a bit better then Returns, it was a pretty poor attempt to save the franchise. But, there were yeti, which is always nice.

Now Tom Cruise will be taking over the franchise in a more serious reboot this summer, and Titan comics has rebooted their own version of the series in a limited run comic, which I’ve just finished reading. How was you ask? It was about as good as The Mummy Returns. In that it really isn’t much good at all.

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